In the near future, currently planned for the 4th July (USA Independence Day), BAMBA will be having a meeting to discuss the short, medium and long term trail plan in the Belmont Regional Park.

This is an opportunity for the organisation and any other interested parties to have a say as to what types of trails will be built, where they will be built and how they will be part of an overall plan to create a trail network, rather than the bespoke design which will occur if not formally planned.

If you would like to contribute then please attend this meeting.  Have a look at the Greater Wellington Parks Network Plan and the specific section relating to Belmont as all work that we do in the region need to take this into consideration.

Please stay tuned for information about the meeting and take the time to think about what you envision the park to become.Trig

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  1. Please Note: This Meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm at the Woolshed. (End of Stratton street)

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