Minutes – 13th Nov 2014 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7 pm

Present: Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Ron Harfield, Jeremy Paterson (GWRC).

Apologies: Wayne Boness (GWRC)

Minutes of last Meeting: Read by Paul, Moved Marco and Seconded Ty they be accepted as correct – Carried.


Last meeting balance    $6,228.40

Interest earned    +

Less Presented Cheques:

Marco – Morn Tea wrk bees.   -$54.94

Angus –Meeting Refreshments.  -$40.97

This meeting closing Balance   $6,132.49

Cheques written: “Not yet presented”

Angus – Meeting Refreshments  -$40.88

Craig – Warathas.    -$84.99

Required Actions completed from previous meeting

Future Track plan and Map: Angus and Craig have completed.

MoU: Paul added new track plan and re submitted MoU (incl new Track Plan) to Wayne @ GWRC. Emailed on 29 October 2014.

AEE: Wayne (GWRC) had advised not required as they will submit our Track Plan along with other 4 degrees as a total application for resource consent with consultant they have employed.

Borderline Entry & Exit signs: Temporary signage had been put up by Paul prior to PNP race! (The true signs have now been received from Nicole @ Fine Signs. Paul & Jeremy to put up).

General Business

Replacement of stolen first aid kit / tools and lock: Paul advised what had been taken and what tools we still had. Exec committee agreed that we need to replace First Aid Kit, Fire Rake and Damaged lock and missing padlock.

Track building, plus planning and organisation: Ty mentioned that even though we now have our new Track Plan in place no other tracks can be started until resource consent is given.  Therefore the only work to be carried out until further notice will be either tweaking or tidying on both Bull-Run and Borderline until further notice. (Ty stated awesome work by Angus & Craig on the new Track plan too). Paul made mention that there has been very poor organization and poor communication in the past months with relation to what is going on for the scheduled dig days and who is arranging what! He has had to deal with most of the organizing and logistics of tools etc! Paul mentioned others in the committee need to step up to the plate and assist to. Ty apologized for the fact he had done little (for various reasons) over the past year, including not turning up to the PnP race like he said he would. However he was willing to take back on the responsibilities of arranging these dig days and the details and organizing what and where etc.  23rd Was to be on corner on Bull Run – Meet at Hill Road 9am.  All agreed that via email was the best way to contact everyone!  Ty will advise ASAP what is happening and then Paul or Angus can pass the required info onto others via web site and Facebook. More advanced planning will be required once a new trail is underway again. However tool and logistics wise this should be easier to manage.

Park compensation ($861K) re Transmission Gully: A meeting of Belmont Regional Park Stake holders was held on Tuesday 11th November 2004. GWRC Parks Manager Amanda Cox gave a brief presentation of how the money was to be allocated and some details of some already possible ideas were tabled. (Paul, Angus, Marco and Ty attended. Peter Matcham from Friends of Belmont put forward an idea for a two way dual use track, starting from the Picnic area at end of Bull Run, Hill Road and going up to near View point. It was thought this would be around 4 – 5 degrees and be at a possible estimated cost of 60 – 80k.   Another idea mentioned was the upgrade of the Korokoro Dam area – estimated cost of 30 – 40K. Parties who are wishing to table possible options are to pass on their ideas to Peter Matcham  (Friends of Belmont) who has agreed to help facilitate this process. All interested parties are to submit their proposals to him by Wednesday 3rd December 2014. A full summary of ideas will be then tabled at the Friends of Belmont Xmas meeting on 9th Dec 2014. A formal consultation process will then take place with GWRC around March to May 2015.

GWRC New Farm hub open day: GWRC to hold a full public open day on 31 January 2015. GWRC has asked if BAMBA were able or keen to hold a few guided rides in the park to highlight the park and what it has to offer for riders etc plus inform them who/what BAMBA is about and what we have done. Paul, Marco and Matt agreed to attend.  It was thought that Paul and Marco could take a guided ride via airstrip and OCR down bull run and back up Hill Road to Hub. Matt could take an easier going ride for the not so advanced riders along the tops on a loop around the ammo bunkers etc.  Jeremy asked that BAMBA need to submit a proposal to him prior to 3rd December 2014.

Required actions

First Aid Kit: Ty arranging for replacement – (Same as per details given from Paul).

Fire Rake: Angus to purchase from NZ Trail Fund.

Lock etc.: Paul to arrange and fit.

Dig Day communications: Ty to advise and arrange (as mentioned in minutes).

Borderline Signage: Paul to complete with Jeremy from GWRC.

150k Submissions: Angus to send to FoBRP both our proposals as mentioned in minutes before 3rd December.

Farm Hub Open Day: Paul to submit proposal to Jeremy GWRC before 3rd Dec.

Next Meeting


Meeting closed: 9.00 pm

Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA.