Presidents Report 2016

Since becoming the president earlier this year I have enjoyed the challenges that it has brought for me. Some have been trying to say the least, however I am happy to say the positives far out-weigh the negatives.

I recently had the opportunity to represent BAMBA and attended the 2016 Trail Fund conference in Wellington. The main theme this year was “Partnerships” (and Relationships) so it seems only natural and timely that I say a huge thanks to the GWRC team who I am constantly working with to ensure our plans and goals for BAMBA and GWRC are met.

To Wayne Boness (GWRC Principle Ranger) – Thanks for believing in us and having faith in our abilities. It is great that we can work closely together and it is really pleasing to see we still hold a good relationship with you and GWRC as a whole. What’s more we appreciate that the lines of communication are still well and truly open. Thank you.

To Jeremy Patterson (GWRC Ranger) – A massive thanks and high five for your efforts and assistance. Personally I know it is hard at times to align the stars so we can get together, however when we do the relationship we hold certainly comes to fruition. This is clearly evident when I stop and look at examples of BAMBA working closely together; the planting days held at Hill Road, the whole process from start to finish with the new “Connect Four” trail, the scope work for replacement choppers and other related trail projects. I personally enjoyed working closely with you on the painting of the toilet block on hill road and placing of signage on 4 Degrees and Connect Four.

To Paul O’Hagan (Valley Landscapes) – A huge thanks for your free time and advice given to assist with both trail marking and building. The close working partnership we hold with you ensured the construction of Connect Four went smoothly and quickly. We hope to continue this partnership well into the future.

And lastly thanks to Amanda Cox from GWRC and Peter Matcham from FoBRP for the on-going relationships we hold and need.

So this brings me to our group BAMBA. We are a small band, of mostly merry brothers, who are doing what we all love most – being the Voice for MTB in Belmont, building trails, giving back to the community so others and ourselves plus families can get out and enjoy life.

Peter Wilson’s (President Federated Mountain Clubs) comment at the recent Trail Fund conference stated it perfectly, it is all about the “Spirit of Adventure” – Getting out and doing it!

So I guess it is good to remind our-selves at times what it is all about – enjoying what our beautiful backyard has to offer while holding similar beliefs and passions.
I have to personally admit that at times I do become frustrated. I naturally want BAMBA to do the best and offer the best to our trail users as I am passionate about what we are trying to achieve. I want us to have a great network of trails in our own backyard. Yes at times it can be hard and yes at times it is difficult to get other’s to see and contribute to the cause. However perhaps I for one, am trying to achieve too much and expect too much of you all.

It was only earlier this month that I was reminded that perhaps my expectations are too high, after all we are all only volunteers with our own lives to live. However It must be said that at times some of us can take too much of a back seat and let others share too much of the load. It is disappointing when only three or four turn up for the required trail work. Then again perhaps I should not expect so much.

I truly hope the scheduled work soon to start on the choppers replacement trail will again see our numbers of budding trail builders grow. I am 100% sure this trail will interest and benefit many.

So it is only appropriate now that I take this opportunity to stop and take the time to reflect on what we have achieved as such a small volunteer group. Looking back we have done well and come far since the logging operation commenced.
I firstly want to now take this opportunity to thank those committee members who are long serving and also those members who have contributed to the smooth running of BAMBA.

I would like to thank Bruce and Angus for their efforts as Secretary and Treasure respectively (I know it can be a thankless task at times). Also a thanks must got to Dan who has also stepped up onto the committee and has already had some great input and assistance into our small clan (The baking is especially appreciated from those who attend those lucky days trail building).

Finally a personnel thanks to those who are not here, but who do show up to build trails etc. and who give up their own personal time to share in the same passion;

“The Spirit of Adventure” – Getting out and doing it!

Thanks a million to you all, with-out you, we would be nothing and have nothing!



Paul Scoble, President.