Minutes 26th Feb 2015 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7: 30 pm


Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Jeremy Paterson & Wayne Boness – (GWRC Rangers), Rob Lancaster.

Apologies;   Ron Harfield, Karl Laurence

Minutes of last Meeting Read by Paul, Moved Craig and Seconded by Marco they are accepted as correct – carried.

Finances Last meeting balance   $6,132.49
Plus Revenue
  • PNP Belmont 2014 Race
Less Presented Cheques:
  • Angus – Refreshments
  • Craig – Posts
  • Paul – Replacement Lock / Hasps etc.
  • Angus – Replacement Tools: Mass Destruction x1 / Hilti Ho x 1
This meeting closing Balance   $6,308.53
Cheques written: “Not yet presented”  
Angus – Meetings Refreshments -$45.99


Treasure (Angus) moved: Single authorization allowed for treasure to access online internet banking and allow authorization for ease of payments online etc. All present were in favour of this providing bank statements are made available at meetings. Motion was carried and required form was completed.

Required Actions from previous meeting: Replacement First Aid kit   – Still missing and Ty still yet to purchase a new one.

Replacement Fire Rake / Tools – Angus purchased, via Trail Fund, 1x Mass Tool and 1x Hilt Ho.

Missing Tool box: lock and catches / hasps – Paul has now replaced and fitted new catches.

Dig Day Communications – Ty in charge, but none had been planned since last meeting.

Borderline Signage – Paul and Jeremy put up and are in place, both at the top and bottom.

150k Submission – Angus completed and was put to FoBRP before the due deadline / meeting.

Farm Hub Open Day – All Done and Dusted. Paul organized and liaised with GWRC with assistance from Matt and Marco.

General Business: MoU / GWRC – Wayne gladly announced the finally completed signed copies of the MoU were with him and that BAMBA could sign these copies at the meeting. Ty signed copies and Both GWRC and BAMBA now retain a signed copy each! Finally!   Great news that the MoU is now done and dusted until the review is required! Wayne stated massive well done to Paul for his work and patience throughout the process.

DANZIG AREA RESOUCE CONSTENT: GWRC / Wayne advised that the consent process is at its final stage and is with Cutriss. It’s hoped to be completed mid-March.

4 DEGREES TRACK:     Wayne advised tender goes out for this Danzig replacement track 1st week of March 2015. It is hoped that the start to this track will be under way at the end of March at the latest.

RESIGNATION OF PAUL SCOBLE FROM SECRETARY AND COMMITTEE: Club received Paul’s resignation letter. He stated there were various reasons for coming to his decision and thanked GWRC Staff, Jeremy and Wayne, for their support etc. As per the Rules 1 month notice is required so he will end his role on 26 March 2015. Paul asked who was to take over the role until the AGM due in May. The Charities commission requires notice of change as do Societies Incorporated.   TY stated that Karl would take up the role. (Note: At time of writing however Karl had declined to fulfil the role due to other commitments and no one had been appointed at the time of writing!).

HORSES USING TRAILS: Paul requested that Jeremy from GWRC supply 6 “No Horse” signs for the tracks– Borderline, Bull Run and also Bull a Varde.   Members of BAMBA have witnessed horses using the trails when they should not be! Sings are required at start and ends of all trails currently in use! Jeremy was also to mention our concerns to Jenny Walsh from the Hill Road Pony Club just in case any of their group was possibly at fault although he doubted they were.

WHEELBARROW MISSING: Paul noted to the group that the wheelbarrow has now gone missing from the mid-section of Bull a Varde and asked if anyone else had it. No one present new of its where abouts also so it would appear it too has been stolen.

WORKING BEE: Ty mentioned BAMBA would hold a working bee on Sunday 8th March. Meet end of Normandale road at 10am. Plan is to cut overgrowth along Bull a Varde. Starting from near Bull Run entrance and work along to the Sweetacres entrance. It was decided this would not be advertised on the Web site or Facebook since would not be enough required grass cutting tools to do what is required. It was also mentioned that spraying of the mid-section and lower sections of Bull Run are required. If possible two people to do this. Ty will arrange with Jeremy the required gear etc. if it is to go ahead.   Ty stated that once a good amount of rain has fallen Borderline rework will commence ASAP. Sections of the trail are in need of urgent work.

AGM: The committee decided that this will take place on 21st May 2015. 7pm at the Woolshed.

REQUIRED ACTIONS: First Aid Kit – Ty to arrange replacement. Secretary position – Required to be temporary filled until AGM. No Horse Signs – GWRC Ranger Jeremy to arrange. Working Bee – Sunday 8th March. 10 am. Meet end of Normandale Rd. AGM – Send out notice 1 month prior and book Woolshed also for the date.

Next Meeting AGM: 21st May 2015. 7pm at the Woolshed.

Meeting closed: 8.40pm

Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA

Minutes – 13th Nov 2014 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7 pm

Present: Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Ron Harfield, Jeremy Paterson (GWRC).

Apologies: Wayne Boness (GWRC)

Minutes of last Meeting: Read by Paul, Moved Marco and Seconded Ty they be accepted as correct – Carried.


Last meeting balance    $6,228.40

Interest earned    +

Less Presented Cheques:

Marco – Morn Tea wrk bees.   -$54.94

Angus –Meeting Refreshments.  -$40.97

This meeting closing Balance   $6,132.49

Cheques written: “Not yet presented”

Angus – Meeting Refreshments  -$40.88

Craig – Warathas.    -$84.99

Required Actions completed from previous meeting

Future Track plan and Map: Angus and Craig have completed.

MoU: Paul added new track plan and re submitted MoU (incl new Track Plan) to Wayne @ GWRC. Emailed on 29 October 2014.

AEE: Wayne (GWRC) had advised not required as they will submit our Track Plan along with other 4 degrees as a total application for resource consent with consultant they have employed.

Borderline Entry & Exit signs: Temporary signage had been put up by Paul prior to PNP race! (The true signs have now been received from Nicole @ Fine Signs. Paul & Jeremy to put up).

General Business

Replacement of stolen first aid kit / tools and lock: Paul advised what had been taken and what tools we still had. Exec committee agreed that we need to replace First Aid Kit, Fire Rake and Damaged lock and missing padlock.

Track building, plus planning and organisation: Ty mentioned that even though we now have our new Track Plan in place no other tracks can be started until resource consent is given.  Therefore the only work to be carried out until further notice will be either tweaking or tidying on both Bull-Run and Borderline until further notice. (Ty stated awesome work by Angus & Craig on the new Track plan too). Paul made mention that there has been very poor organization and poor communication in the past months with relation to what is going on for the scheduled dig days and who is arranging what! He has had to deal with most of the organizing and logistics of tools etc! Paul mentioned others in the committee need to step up to the plate and assist to. Ty apologized for the fact he had done little (for various reasons) over the past year, including not turning up to the PnP race like he said he would. However he was willing to take back on the responsibilities of arranging these dig days and the details and organizing what and where etc.  23rd Was to be on corner on Bull Run – Meet at Hill Road 9am.  All agreed that via email was the best way to contact everyone!  Ty will advise ASAP what is happening and then Paul or Angus can pass the required info onto others via web site and Facebook. More advanced planning will be required once a new trail is underway again. However tool and logistics wise this should be easier to manage.

Park compensation ($861K) re Transmission Gully: A meeting of Belmont Regional Park Stake holders was held on Tuesday 11th November 2004. GWRC Parks Manager Amanda Cox gave a brief presentation of how the money was to be allocated and some details of some already possible ideas were tabled. (Paul, Angus, Marco and Ty attended. Peter Matcham from Friends of Belmont put forward an idea for a two way dual use track, starting from the Picnic area at end of Bull Run, Hill Road and going up to near View point. It was thought this would be around 4 – 5 degrees and be at a possible estimated cost of 60 – 80k.   Another idea mentioned was the upgrade of the Korokoro Dam area – estimated cost of 30 – 40K. Parties who are wishing to table possible options are to pass on their ideas to Peter Matcham  (Friends of Belmont) who has agreed to help facilitate this process. All interested parties are to submit their proposals to him by Wednesday 3rd December 2014. A full summary of ideas will be then tabled at the Friends of Belmont Xmas meeting on 9th Dec 2014. A formal consultation process will then take place with GWRC around March to May 2015.

GWRC New Farm hub open day: GWRC to hold a full public open day on 31 January 2015. GWRC has asked if BAMBA were able or keen to hold a few guided rides in the park to highlight the park and what it has to offer for riders etc plus inform them who/what BAMBA is about and what we have done. Paul, Marco and Matt agreed to attend.  It was thought that Paul and Marco could take a guided ride via airstrip and OCR down bull run and back up Hill Road to Hub. Matt could take an easier going ride for the not so advanced riders along the tops on a loop around the ammo bunkers etc.  Jeremy asked that BAMBA need to submit a proposal to him prior to 3rd December 2014.

Required actions

First Aid Kit: Ty arranging for replacement – (Same as per details given from Paul).

Fire Rake: Angus to purchase from NZ Trail Fund.

Lock etc.: Paul to arrange and fit.

Dig Day communications: Ty to advise and arrange (as mentioned in minutes).

Borderline Signage: Paul to complete with Jeremy from GWRC.

150k Submissions: Angus to send to FoBRP both our proposals as mentioned in minutes before 3rd December.

Farm Hub Open Day: Paul to submit proposal to Jeremy GWRC before 3rd Dec.

Next Meeting


Meeting closed: 9.00 pm

Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA.

Minutes – 9th Oct 2014 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7 pm

Present:  Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Wayne Boness (GWRC).

Apologies; Jeremy Paterson (GWRC).

Minutes of last Meeting                                                                                               Minutes of 22 July 2014 were read by Paul. Angus moved they be accepted and Tyrone seconded – Carried.

Finances   (Presented by Treasurer)

Last meeting balance                                  $7,379.81                                            Interest earned                                               +$4.11

Less Presented Cheques:                                                                                       Angus – Meeting refreshments           -$26.49                                               Tyrone – Charity Chocs                           -$62.50                                                Marco – Morn Tea for wrk bees          -$63.82                                                       BIKE NZ (2015 Affiliation Fee)           -$200.00                                                Angus – Dig Day morn teas                   -$45.80                                                 Craig – Timber / Posts                             -$756.91

This meeting closing Balance             $6,228.40

Cheques written: “Not yet presented”

Angus – Meeting Refreshments        -$40.97

General Business                                                                                                        PNP RACE / Trails:                                                                                                        Tyrone asked Marco to confirm the course and trails that were to be used. Marco was not 100% sure but was certain Bull Run and Borderline were to be used for the races!The group suggested the use of: Naked Flame, the very top section of Sweetacres and also the total length of Bull a Varde too!  Marco was going to take a quick scout around on Saturday with Paul to get a better view of the possibilities etc.

Discussions were held around what needed doing to mostly Bull Run and Borderline based on the above. Tyrone stated we would work on Bull Run at next Dig Day and get some gravel to low lying areas of this trail using the stock pile ¼ way down plus work on the lower section.  The corners that the BNZ day put into place required tweaking and also retaining the berm. Also the berm that was in the section between the two grassed areas required good retaining and the berm also reinstated! Wayne (GWRC) stated that BAMBA could possibly source some used timber to assist with retaining and would investigate to see if the wood in question was suitable, then advise Tyrone.

It was mentioned that Borderline required its “Entry” to be in place prior to PNP race and also may need possibly another berm or two approx ¼ way down.                However Borderline was mostly now well established and many have been seen riding and enjoying it. Paul removed the exit as requested from GWRC and has established a new exit 20 meters further along to suit the new proposed car park planned for the future by GWRC.

Wayne (GWRC) stated if Borderline was to be used and open for the PNP race then it must have its required track signage up too. Paul will arrange the entrance and exit signs ASAP.

GWRC UPDATE:                                                                                                     Wayne made mention that on 11th November a stake holders meeting for the park was to be held at the Woolshed to discuss the use of the $150,000.00 that has come from the land used for Transmission Gully etc.  BAMBA needs to attend and bring along some good possible suggestions for what the funding could be utilized for that would benefit park users!

One good example could be the PUMP track which could attract users (young an old) to the park.  Another was putting in Ride-able cattle stops (Gibson Grates) for user friendly access.    NOTE DATE: 11 NOVEMBER – Timings:TBA

MoU:  Wayne has made some minor changes to this. Mostly to the H & S paragraph. To get this moving forward for sign off however it now requires a new “Future Track Plan” plus also a Map outlying these future trails etc.  Also GWRC have just been made aware that any earth works in the park now requires resource consent! Wayne has stated that he can have this covered for us by adding our AEE to their application through Cuttriss. However BAMBA need to put in an AEE for the Danzig area and add into it the trails that are in the new Future Track Plan.


Bull Run and Borderline – Carry out required work on sections of trail and berms / retaining. Cut back required weeds or vegetation overgrowing the trail down Bull Run.(Working bees plus possible Tues or Thurs nights too to get this done Prior to 2 November).

Borderline main entry and exit signage to be in place prior to 2 November also.        (Paul to arrange signage with Nicole from Fine Signs ASAP)

Future Track Plan and Map – Still awaiting completion since last meeting.             (Angus and Craig to arrange and send to Paul ASAP so it can be add to the MoU plus will assist with completing the required AEE.)

MoU – Paul to add new Future Track Plan and Map (when completed) to the MoU and then re submit to Wayne.

AEE – Paul to submit as soon as Wayne Supplies copy of AEE for 4 Degrees and can also add the new Future Track Plan and Map.

11th November – BAMBA committee member/s to attend stake holders meeting at the Woolshed.

Next Meeting: TBA?                                                                                              Meeting closed: 9.05 pm                                                                                               Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA

Minutes – 22nd Jul 2014 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7 pm


Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Jeremy Paterson (GWRC), Wayne Boness (GWRC), Sandra Stevenson.


Ron Harfield.

Minutes of last Meeting

Read by Paul.  It was noted by the Treasurer that the Last meeting Balance of $2,818.03 was given incorrectly and in fact it was: $2,818.08. Moved Karl and Seconded Craig they be accepted as correct – Carried.


Last meeting balance $2,818.08
Interest earned +$0.00
GWRC Donation Re logging / Trail loss +$5,000.00
Less Presented Cheques:  
Paul – Protector; Gloves / First aid kit -$323.15
Marco – Morn Tea wrk bees. -$80.26
Angus – Track marking tape / morn tea. -$34.86
This meeting closing Balance $7,379.81
Cheques written: ‘Not yet presented’  
Ty – Charity Chocs -$62.50
Angus – Meeting Refreshments -$26.49
Marco – Morn Tea wrk bees. -$63.82

General Business

Required actions (from previous meeting):

MoU: Still waiting to be completed. Wayne advised that it still requires a few tweaks here and there.  (At the time of the meeting Paul had just sent a Word Doc file of the MoU to Wayne so he can change it himself ASAP at his end!) Wayne stressed that due to Transmission Gully requirements and deadlines, it was unfortunate, but a lot of items have had to be put on the back burner until now. Hence the lengthy delays!

GWRC Invoice:  Completed by Angus and amount of $5,000.00 deposited into BAMBA account.

Gravel Supply: Jeremy (GWRC) came through (you beauty) and the amount delivered has already been deposited on both the top section of Bull Run and the first section of Bull-a-Varde. (Nice work by some – especially to Matt who has put some hours into this).

BNZ Volunteer day: Angus advised that on 11th July a day was spent on Borderline with volunteers from BNZ plus himself and Karl. They completed a section at the bottom of Borderline and also put in the middle deviation.

The next BNZ Closed for good volunteer day is scheduled for September 3rd 2014.  Some discussion was held over what was to be carried out and it was suggested that a high line be carried out from near Bull a Varde and act as an extension of borderline if other work is almost completed. This would shadow OCR – However it requires investigation as there is also a deep gully type section where a stream is located – Area to be investigated ASAP and marked if suitable.

PNP RACE – 2ND November 2014: Marco mentioned that it was planned to run an event starting at the Woolshed and to incorporate both the 4wd logging track (uphill) and also Bull Run plus other areas of the park as required and use Borderline too. The whole group in attendance agreed that this would be supported by BAMBA providing:  BAMBA complete Borderline to a satisfactory level and complete both gravel and tweaking the Bull Run (in areas that are in need of repair or attention)

Bull Run – Gravelling / Required repairs: GWRC is to supply approx 7 cub (at time of writing this had been delivered) and this is to be deployed on the mid-section of Bull Run. Following the 27th July working bee it is hoped to start this work on possibly Sunday 3rd August (T.B.A)

Borderline: Working bee on Sunday 27th July is to complete the lower bottom section and remove the ugly table top / jump which is in the gully.  More work is also required on some of the turns and berms on various sections.

Future track plan: It was noted that since the completed logging operation, the BAMBA future track plan requires updating and revising as it is now apparent that areas planned for etc are perhaps not as suitable as other areas. Angus tabled a rough overlay of what he had in mind and this seemed to go with what Paul, Craig and Ty were also suggesting / thinking. Some further investigation into these areas will be done in the near future and in the meantime the Exec committee will look more closely at the possibility of a grade 3 downhill trail approximately in the old “Choppers” region of the park.  A new plan needs to be developed and then an AEE put into effect to coincide with the MoU.

Required Actions

  • Borderline – Complete lower section and tidy up required corners and berms throughout trail.
  • Bull Run – Complete gravelling and carry out repairs as required.
  • Borderline top extension – Check and mark out if viable.
  • Future Track plan – go through current plan and align as per planned / discussed changes etc.

Next Meeting

Meeting closed: 9.05 pm
Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA.

Minutes – 29th May 2014 (AGM/GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7:00 pm


Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Bruce Mchardy, Alastair Hicks, Rob Lancaster, Jeremy Paterson (GWRC), Gordon Macdonald (HVMBC) , Ian McCabe (HVMBC), Pete Matcham (Friends of Belmont Regional Park)


Ron Harfield, Wayne Boness (GWRC).

Minutes of last AGM plus minutes from last meeting held

Both minutes were read by Paul – Moved by Tyrone and Seconded by Marco that they were true and correct – Motion carried.

AGM Presidents Report

Tyrone thanked many who were present (and those who were not) for their assistance and contribution over the past year. It was good to see the completion of the Bull Run and also to see many bikers returning and using this trail and the park in general.

He thanked both Angus and Paul for their efforts in successfully gaining funding / grants in the past year for BAMBA and also made special mention of Paul’s hard work with putting together the MoU for GWRC and the Safety / Operational Guidelines plan.

Ty made special thanks also to both Wayne and Jeremy from GWRC for their continued support and assistance over the past year, through them both, it has made for easier dialogue and Ty has found both he and BAMBA have now a great working relationship.

Ty made mention of FoBRP (Friends of Belmont Regional Park) and Pete, who was present, for being keen to work together where possible so we can all better the park.

Tyrone stated that the past year had been good for BAMBA, especially with the high profile that the Bull Run had got. It was good to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel and be able to move forward now that the logging has been completed. Once the MoU is finally signed off, BAMBA working with GWRC and others, can establish a good trail network within the old Danzig area.

Finances (Financial Report)

  • Last meeting balance $2,801.97
  • Interest earned +3.22
  • Trail Fund NZ Grant + $903.15
  • Less Presented Cheques:
  • Web Domain – Angus -$55.17
  • Folders for paper work – Paul -$8.00
  • Placemakers, Saws x2 – Matt -$37.80
  • Placemakers Seaview (Tyson Toolbox) -$580.00
  • M10 – Locks / Ropes / Gloves – Angus -$91.69
  • M10 – Leaf Rakes – Paul -$38.70
  • Meeting Refreshments (Jan) – Angus -$32.99
  • AGM refreshments for May – Angus -$45.91
  • This meeting closing Balance $2818.08
  • Cheques written: “Not yet presented”
  • Marco – (Morning Tea work bees) -$80.26
  • Paul – (Protector -Gloves / First Aid kit) -$323.15

Election of Officers (Executive Committee)

The positions and nominations were

  • President: Tyrone McGrath: Nominated by Craig, seconded by Matt – Carried.
  • Vice President: Craig McGinnity: Nominated by Ty, Seconded by Marco – Carried.
  • Secretary: Paul Scoble: Nominated by Ty, Seconded by Angus – Carried.
  • Treasurer: Angus Cotton: Nominated by Matt, Seconded by Craig – Carried.

Other Executive committee (4 required)

  • Marco Renall: Nominated by Matt, Seconded by Paul – Carried.
  • Ron Harfield: Nominated by Paul, Seconded by Ty – Carried.
  • Matt Clarke: Nominated by Ty, Seconded by Angus – Carried.
  • Karl Laurence: Nominated by Paul, Seconded by Ty – Carried.

Note: Alastair Hicks was also nominated and voted onto the Committee at the AGM. However it has since been noted that the Rules state 8 positions to be held for the Executive Committee. Therefore regretfully Alastair is unable to stand on the committee at this time.(Apologies Alastair – maybe next time?)

General Business

GWRC Update


Jeremy mentioned that Wayne was sorry he was unable to make the AGM due to work commitments in Auckland. Jeremy thanked Paul for the work re MoU and the general correspondence done over the past year.


Wayne has now passed this document onto Amanda (Parks Manager) to finalize prior to the Sign Off.

It was hoped to have it signed off at this AGM but due to other commitments(i.e. Transmission Gully etc.) it was not possible. Jeremy noted however that once sign off is completed we can work together to complete a track plan for the Danzig Area ASAP.

Donation from Logging Revenue

The $5,000 that GWRC has committed to BAMBA, as part of the lost trail network, will be handed over within the following week once BAMBA produce the required invoice that GWRC now require. (Note: As at time of writing the amount will actually be $5750.00)

Logging area tidy up

Jeremy advised this work is now almost complete. However he was not totally happy with what had been done in certain areas so was having further work carried out after winter and is hoping to have it all finished by Christmas 2014. (This will include a large gravelled parking area behind the wool shed that will be available for events that are held in the park!)

Hill Road Planting (Picnic Area / End of the Bull Run)

More planting is to be carried out in late June. Hill Road Community Group / FoBRP and BAMBA are to assist. (Note: Ty suggested that GWRC also approach the local primary schools to also get involved with their families on the day too!)

Transmission Gully Update

GWRC to hold an update, possibly at the Woolshed, in either June or July. The biggest issue to park users is that the Hill Road entrance to the park is to probably become the main entrance for ALL Farm access. (Note: Pete from FoBRP was also very aware of this issue and was keen for us all to get together collectively to ensure all aspects are looked at and dealt with)

4 Degrees (Replacement uphill trail for Danzig)

The amount ($) have been allocated for this. The plan is to hopefully start this project prior to Christmas 2014. However nothing has been done with regards to Building consent applications or Resource consent and the required AEE. This of course all needs to be completed prior to commencement!

Farm Sheppard

Jeremy is to look at the issue with the Sheppard (Possibly Don) and the few heated words which occurred with Matt in the park a week ago – either around or after dusk. Both Matt and Gordon (HVMBC) made mention of occurrences. Jeremy will look into the details re timings for park / farm access for members of the public and investigate further.

Tracks / Trails etc.

Jumps – Last Sun area / Building Jumps

BAMBA had received an email from: Finley Macdonald, mentioning that he and his mates are keen to build some jumps in the recently logged area and possibly fix up the dirt jumps down where last sun used to be. All agreed that we would love their assistance as long as their work is overseen by BAMBA / GWRC. Craig had a few possible ideas.

It was mentioned that the old jumps area is presently littered with blown over tree stumps and other debris. Craig felt this area may also be now hard to use because of the wind and weather plus the ground will now dry out very quickly and this will make it very hard to produce good solid jumps etc. Areas will be looked at and considered, however nothing else can be done at present until the MoU is signed off and the Track Plan can then be finalized!

Paul also mentioned, whilst on the subject of people trying to help, that the unauthorized track work on the Bull Run (kickers and small jumps) had been removed from the top section of Bull Run too. It’s hoped that providing a jumps area to be built can help solve this problem and get the energy from these people going into the right places for the future.

(Note: Stay Tuned Finley and mates and we will see what can be done!)

Naming of Replacement Track for Last Sun

The current track under construction required naming: the nominations:

  • Last Sun: Nominated Marco, No one seconded.
  • Loam Shark: Nominated Karl, No one seconded.
  • Quick Route: Nominated Ty, Seconded Paul. (1 member was against, Marco) – Motion was carried – track now called ‘Quick Route’

HVMBC – Assist / Adopting a Track

Both Gordon and Ian from the Hutt Valley MTB Club expressed the clubs interest in assisting in an area of the park with a track or ‘adopting’, so to speak, an area which they can possibly help with input, plan, design and construct. They were informed that they were more than welcome to come along and assist with the current trail working bees. We will look at what trails they could take on or assist with! Areas will be looked at and further investigation done once the MoU is signed off. (Note: Stay tuned guys and keep in touch please)

Trail Fund

Paul reported that Trail Fund had come through and approved our application. The required Tool box, Safety work gloves and First Aid kit had been purchased and paid for.

A BIG THANKS to the team at Trail Fund NZ for their assistance!

(Their Logo to go on both our web site and Facebook pages).


Paul recently completed a new / current assets register. Ty noted that he had some shovels that he was going to bring and Jeremy also made mention of some loppers he had for BAMBA too.

BNZ Volunteers

Angus mentioned that 2 working days will be available for both June/ July and also the Sept 2nd Closed for good Day!

We all agreed to working on Quick Route in June / July and do any required, tweaking or possibly putting in more berms and deviations as agreed by the executive committee members.

Bull Run

It was agreed that some remedial work is needed plus gravel was required for the top section. The berm (lower section) that has collapsed is needed to be brought closer in and retained.

Ty requested if Jeremy could see if they are able to assist supplying the gravel.

The working bee date of 15th June was to be put aside for this required work. Ty will arrange barrows and delivery of gravel.

(Note: at time of writing gravel was being supplied and delivered within the week)

Actions Required

  • GWRC – MoU finalize with Amanda / possible sign off.
  • Angus – Produce Invoice for GWRC.
  • Jeremy – Re Farm Sheppard follow up. Bull Run possible Gravel Supply.

Next Meeting

Committee meeting to be held within the week 16th to 20th of June!

Actual firm date to be confirmed!

Meeting closed: 8.50 pm

Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA






Minutes – 21st Jan 2014 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7:00 pm


Craig McGinnity, Paul Scoble, Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, GWRC – Wayne Boness & Jeremy Paterson, Nick Conroy, William Roser.


Tyrone McGrath, Ron Harfield.

Minutes of last meeting

Meeting minutes from meeting (Sept 2013) read.
Moved Craig and seconded Marco that they were correct.


Last meeting balance $1,135.87
Interest earned +$1.21
NAB Volunteer Grant +$2254.51
NAB Re Grant TT Fees  -$15.00

Less Presented Cheques:
Paul (2x Meeting Refreshments) -$49.49
Bike NZ Registration (2013 – Late!) -$200.00
Marco (Working Bees Refreshments) -$125.13
Bike NZ Registration (for 2014) -$200.00
This meeting closing Balance $2,801.97

Cheques written: “Not yet presented” 
Paul (x2 Trail / Leaf rakes) -$38.70
Angus (meeting Refreshments) -$32.99

Noted: Angus is going to arrange signatories for now 4 committee members, those being: (Tyrone, Angus, Marco & Paul). Angus will also arrange online authority to access account for statements.

General Business

Bike NZ registration; Paul advised all now completed and payment made. BAMBA now covered until end of 2014.

NAB Community grant; Thanks to Angus money has been placed into the account. Committee to decide with Angus where the $ are to be allocated.

Track Update

The Bull Run is completed and the open day held on Sunday 15th December went well with around 45 – 50 riders turning up as far away as from Featherston.
Overall we have been receiving good feedback.

A top job also done by Craig and Caleb from Spoke- re video of Craig riding the Bull Run! With video and the Hutt News feature plus more and more now looking at BAMBA in Facebook etc., both BAMBA and this track have received great exposure!
It was felt by both Craig and Paul that we needed to tweak and improve our signage in the park for this track and others present agreed. The committee agreed to have some additional signage made up. 3 signs to be produced. Consisting off:

1: Same sign design / colours that previously made for both Bull Run and Bull-a-Varde.
– But a single sign with both on it!
A4 size and having a green arrow “straight ahead” follow the Bull-a-Varde info and a “Left hand” arrow following the Bull Run info.
(This is to be placed at the start of the Bull Run so no confusion as to which route goes where)

2: New sign, again same colours etc.: The usual BAMBA logo, A4 size, Left hand green arrow and with the following wording e.g.:
(To be placed on a post near the gate on right hand side of hill road – after the Farm house!)

3: New sign. Size A3. In ACM. The map of Bull Run loop. As per Map done by Paul.
(To be placed on GWRC board at Hill Road Car park).

Paul to arrange the above signage and liaise with Jeremy.
(Paul will also do an A4 Laminated version of sign No3 to be placed at start of Bull-a-Varde!)

Logging Update

Wayne and Jeremy from GWRC jointly advised us that the actual logging will be completed by the end of January. Gear etc will then be removed and the site handed back over to GWRC around the middle of February 2014. BAMBA will then need to scope out the area and then proceed from there with the required MOU being signed off and then completing the necessary AEE’ before any track work can commence

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Paul completed the draft in late November 2013 and submitted this to Wayne at GWRC. Since then both Wayne and Paul have been working together to get the draft to the final stage so it can be completed. Paul hopes to complete the final required changes as soon as possible and then the MOU can be signed off hopefully before the end of February 2014.

Pump Track

The possibility of this type of track being built, in the grass area prior to Stratton street car park, was raised by both Wayne and Jeremy from GWRC. It was felt that it would be a great draw card for the park and bring in more families to the area. Craig knew of the right people who build these and liked the idea also, but he felt that BAMBA did not have the required man power / resources to complete such a task. Craig agreed that he would speak to the right people and would find out possible costings, etc. from them.

Baked Beans Bend to Belmont Trig

Concerns were yet again raised to Wayne, this time from Craig and also one other who was present, Nick, that this track is now very poor for MTB use. The surface is poor and the corners are not great either. The lower section is also of a concern as to how it will be what will be constructed / completed!
Wayne stated that it is not in his control nor can he unfortunately have the issues amended!

Next Meeting

TBA- either February or March 2014?

Meeting closed: 8.40pm

Paul Scoble, Secretary, BAMBA

Minutes – 19th Sep 2013 (GM)

Location: The Woolshed, Stratton St, Normandale, Lower Hutt, 7:00 pm


Tyrone McGrath, Marco Renall, Matt Clarke, Paul Scoble, Ron Harfield.


Angus Cotton, Karl Laurence, Craig McGinnity.


proposed open day: Matt had approached Brent Trayner (owner Cycle Science) re the possibility of coming on board with BAMBA, so to speak, at an open day to promote Cycle Science with the possibility of having a demo bike day and barbecue also.  (Paul also spoken to Brent the day prior to the meeting)

Both Paul and Matt originally got the impression that Brent was thinking along the lines of holding a summer series or enduro type event in the park with us and that Cycle Science has already demo bike days booked in October etc.

Both Paul and Matt had however informed Brent that there was not enough trail network as of yet for this to occur. (Also an enduro / summer series is currently planned / under way anyway).

All members of the committee present agreed that BAMBA would hold an open day to promote the BULL RUN and that Paul and Matt would jointly go back to Brent at Cycle Science and ask if he would be keen to come on board and possibly supply some demo bikes and a bbq to help him promote his business also!.

Issues discussed that will require further discussion / organization for the open day were:

  • December date?  (NB at time of writing the date Marco has suggested would be 8th Dec).
  • Re approach Cycle Science (NB at time of writing Paul had approached Brent and he had said yes to:  demo bikes, marque and barbeque.
  • Signs, radio, marshals required.
  • GW Concession event form required to be submitted.
  • Open 10am till 12pm (pre-ride and demo bikes). Super D style event from 1 till 2 pm?
  • Porta-loo required – Ask Jeremy for GW to contribute.
  • BAMBA to supply refreshments.
  • Promote open day: Hutt News, PNP, Cycle Science, Spoke, Web sites / Facebook

Committee notice / memo re; Bull Run – GWRC / DOC Area: Tyrone tabled a formal notice from him in regards to obligations for all committee and members in regards to unauthorized work in the Bull Run area and the Park in general. All committee present were given their own copy and those not present to be handed a copy as soon as possible!

The general notice was that the clubs President would like to remind all that: NO BAMBA MEMBER IS TO CONDUCT ANY TYPE OF WORK WHAT SO EVER IN THE PARK WITHOUT CONSENT FROM GWRC and BAMBA’S PRESIDENT.

Furthermore if the above directive is ignored then those found responsible will be struck off from BAMBA and their names and details passed onto GWRC immediately.

Track work: Whilst talking about the Bull Run Tyrone also made mention we are all required to work as a collective group on the same area’s on the Bull Run, plus other work we undertake in the park and that at present BAMBA, as a group, is to complete the last lower section of the Bull Run first, then we will all as a group start from the top and tweak those sections required until completion.

Tyrone mentioned, and others agreed, that some jumps (double rollers) that are being put in should be made into table tops. Marco also mentioned that we could do a V type double roller / jump. This would allow those to progress their skills gradually and not just be required to hit the big jump first out with possible dire consequences! All present agreed with both.

BAMBA needs to block off un-allowed lower track at the Rock Garden! Jeremy who made a late surprise visit near end of meeting was asked to provide necessary stakes etc. Jeremy was also asked to return our Bull Run under construction sign so we can again place a notice / warning that the track is not yet open.

Next Meeting


Meeting closed: 8.30pm

Paul Scoble

Secretary, BAMBA