Introducing BAMBA

The Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA) was recently established as an incorporated society to promote the interests of mountain bikers and other recreational users of the Belmont Regional Park (BRP).

About Belmont Regional Park

Belmont Regional Park covers 3500 hectares of hills and valleys between PoriruaƂ and Hutt Valley, including the 1200 hectare WaitangiruaƂ Farm. Points of interest within the park include: Korokoro Dam, World War II ammunition magazines, and part of the original Old Coach Road. Spectacular views of the park and beyond are on offer from several peaks including Boulder Hill, Round Knob, Cannons Head, and Belmont Trig.

We welcome any party to approach us with help in any way.


Membership of BAMBA is free and open to anyone interested in the Belmont Regional Park. A key role for BAMBA will be advocating the interests of mountain bikers within Belmont Regional Park, in terms of continuing access to tracks, maintenance of tracks, and potentially building more tracks. The more members that BAMBA has, the more influence it will have with the Greater Wellington Regional Council and other stakeholders, so please sign up. While formal membership procedures are being established contact info@bamba.org.nz, with your name and email address and we’ll add you to the membership list.

Recent Posts

Connect Four

Hi All. Heads up ……..Another Trail is now on offer in Belmont Regional Park. “Connect Four” is now open for Riders and walkers.
A HUGE thanks to the team at Trail Fund NZ for recently allocating one of Five grants this round of $1,500 to help BAMBA in assisting to make this trail possible. Plus of course thanks to GWRC and Valley Landscapes.

Connect Four is a short two way (intermediate) trail, off 4 Degrees, which will take you up to very near the start of Weta so a small loop is now possible. Or simply ride up and back down Connect Four it you so desire and are not keen on returning back down Weta. (Connect Four will also join up to the future planned down hill trail from the top of 4 Degrees See below).

Note future plans are for some repair / upgrade work to commence on weta to bring it up to a Intermediate standard . At some stage work will hopefully commence also on a intermediate “one way” down hill only trail from near the top of 4 Degrees. 

This will hopefully remove some of the downhill traffic off 4 Degrees and will end at the top sections of both Connect Four and Weta.       

On another note sure looks like winter is starting to nip at our heels however we hope your all getting out when and where possible and enjoying all those great trails on offer around our city.

Stay warm, Ride hard and Enjoy! Happy Trails.

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